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We fix and explain the DC comics timeline by resurrecting old characters, and creating new ones. Of corse, we never replay too much of a backstory, and we NEVER replace old characters. Want to join us?


If you know anything about DC it is that its timeline and events and everything has loopholes. What did Barry Allen do after he was sped off by his future self? I mean we know he ran, but what else do you think happened? Also, who thinks that the Quinzells are acctually Harleen's parents? Anybody else fooled by that? Also, DC broke one of their own laws. They have two Barry Allen's in two different worlds, who are both the Flash. How did Barry Allen know Oliver Queen? Childhood firends, saw each other at a bar or something, or were just walking down the streets of their two different city's thinking hey wouldn't it be nice to meet Oliver Queen and Barry Allen on a rooftop tonight to talk about masks and vigulae's? We will answer all those questions and more. So come on what are you waiting for?

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